PIKTO - 2nd conference of illustrators in Slovakia

PIKTO – 2nd  conference of illustrators in Slovakia,
25. - 26. October 2013, Piestany

How illustrators lose illusions

Section 1:
Lectures presented by illustrators, illustration agency, publishers, creative directors of advertising agencies, designers and artist pedagogic staff.

Main aim was to discussed the relationship between illustrator and customer, to point out to lost opportunities, to show possibilities, set priorities by discussions with customers and at the end to acquaint Slovak illustration success story.

Section 2:
Launch of illustrated book “Liek pre Vlcika”, author Daniela Olejnikova, printed on  Munken Pure, 150 gsm

Section 3:
Exhibition of author´s book of Slovak illustrators

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Mittwoch, 6 Nov, 2013