2018 Munken Agenda – With focus on northern lights and the beauty of seasonal change

The tradition of the popular Munken Agenda continues. Next year’s edition is representing the seasonal changes over a year and is interpreted on papers from the Munken Design Range.

In the 2018 edition of the popular Munken Agenda, Arctic Paper focus on the gradients of light changing over the year, from January through December. Through light, and dark. It was a creative choice to interpret the Nordic climate by using paper in different shades. The agenda is printed on four different paper shades from the Munken Design Range. Each shade represents a certain time of year. From the true high white Munken Kristall, to the creamy shade of Munken Pure. One of the qualities of the agenda is the thread sewned open bidning technique, which allows the agenda to stay flat when opened.

The agenda is developed by three students studying Graphic Design at the Kristiania University College, in Oslo, Norway. Anja Bratt, Annette Holst and Mads Pretorius were inspired by the changing moods, light and colours over a year.
– We quickly realized their potential during their presentation. They were impressive and professional. They had understood the paper’s qualities and possibilities, and our brand. They had a positive group dynamic as well, and shared ambitions during the process of developing the Munken Agenda, says Jasminka Haedde, Digital Project Manager at Arctic Paper.

For over a decade, Arctic Paper Munkedals has cooperated with creative students all over Europe. Arctic Paper and the students have a creative exchange when they are bringing the concept to life. The students contribute with a fresh perspective and a craving to bring their creative voice into the world. At the same time, Arctic Paper is supporting them by making dreams and ideas come to life on paper.
– It was inspiring to see how they work at design schools with this form of concept developing. It was exciting to watch the students being open minded and to grasp the opportunities of being creative with paper. They experienced the whole process from idea, to print. We had a great exchange, says Jasminka Haedde.

At the end of October, the agenda will be available to order, for a selected group of clients. It will also be available for purchase in the Munken web shop, arcticpaper.com/munkenshop

Monday, 30 Oct, 2017