Arctic Paper launches Munken ID

Arctic Paper launches their new HP Indigo - compatible Munken Design Range - Munken ID.

Now available to use with HP Indigo, Munken ID expands on the Munken Design range with an additional selection of uncoated paper. This gives more flexibility to printers and agencies, enabling them to use Munken Design for more high-quality print jobs with varying printing techniques.

Today, Arctic Paper announced the launch of Munken ID – a new range of pre-treated, uncoated papers, certified by HP Indigo as compatible with their digital printing presses.

Now available to paper merchants and printers across Europe, the Munken Design ID assortment complements the current Munken Design Range. This gives printers and designers the opportunity and flexibility to produce high-quality materials easily and cost effectively.

The technicians from Arctic Paper in Munkedals, have developed the best possible surface treatment for uncoated design paper for this print technique, making the paper more durable and user friendly for HP Indigo presses. Munken ID reaches the highest HP Indigo certification rating on both print quality and runnability.

The Munken ID range comes in four shades:

Munken Pure ID – cream white

Munken Lynx ID – natural white

Munken Polar ID – crisp white

Munken Kristall ID – true high white


Arctic Paper also provides a range of coated papers certified by HP Indigo.


For more information please contact:

Andrew Curson, Marketing & Business Support Manager Manager, Phone +44 20 3917 2450, or visit

Tuesday, 20 Nov, 2018