Munkedal Mill visit leaves UK customers with a lasting impression

A recent visit to Arctic Paper’s mill in Munkedal, Sweden with a group of creatives proved very successful.  The visit included presentations on paper and the Munken products, the local environment and the technical side of printing on an uncoated paper, together with a visit round the mill looking at the paper machines in action, the cutting and wrapping facilities and the dummy shop.  A trip out to the forest for some fishing, archery and dinner completed both an educational and fun experience.  Below are some testimonials of those who joined us at the mill….

Word of mouth travels far. Every client meeting or educational episode I’ve had since the mill visit, when showing a Munken paper, comes with the story of the mill visit. I knew the paper was good already – that’s why I use it – I now know how it is made, who makes it, and more importantly have an insight into the culture and climate in which the paper is produced. These things are invaluable and I’d suggest can’t be replicated by other paper companies of your scale.
(John Morgan, John Morgan Studio)

Munken had always been in the circle of my preferred stocks, but having the privilege to see its production, the machine behind the product, care, attention to detail and purity of its values, it has certainly raised it to another level.  On a professional level, it gives me more confidence in using your stocks having seen the mechanics behind them, rather than seeing samples from the faceless paper merchant. It also enabled me to delve into a product range more deeply than I have been able to with other mills, allowing like-minded guests to see how others work with the products, and also understand from the experts how to best use the stocks. This week alone I have already taken heed of the advice in the presentation given, in planning a future project on bulkier whilst lighter stock, in an attempt to see if it can reduce the postage costs.  On a personal level I can’t speak highly enough of how well we were looked after, the warmth and generosity shown to us was remarkable, which is fantastic knowing that your excellent brand values mirror the standard and quality of the products.
(Alfie Hunter, Senior Designer, Halcyon Gallery)

I greatly enjoyed my trip to the Arctic paper mill in Munkedal, the care and hospitality in which we were received was warm and relaxed. I had not been on a mill visit before and I found the whole experience an engaging way to learn not just how paper is made but the processes that affect the use and application. I have used Munken in several projects and I will now always recommend using it now that I have seen first hand, the care and attention that goes into every part of making it.
(Danny O’Kane, Production Co-ordinator, Winkreative)

For a couple of days it’s certainly makes for a lovely alternative to work but I can genuinely say that I enjoyed the visit from start to finish - a perfect balance of education and fun.  I particularly enjoyed the educational aspect. The overview of the company, the mill at Munkedal, as well as the more detailed talk about papermaking  and printing (colour management) were hugely beneficial.  My understanding of the company, the brands, products and services are greatly improved. To meet the people and understand the processes behind it all was a privilege and I very much left feeling better off for the experience.  The sense of passion and pride for what you do was clear to see/hear. I’m sure now that I can discuss all things Arctic, with more confidence that will be of mutual commercial benefit for us both.  When we live in a world where we are ever increasingly bombarded by marketing messages, the mill visit experience is a great asset/tool to have. Of course it helps when the surroundings are so beautiful and the hospitality so enjoyable.
(Paul Winter, Identity Print)

In the line of business we all are in, I believe the paper supplier who can offer a trip to a mill have the upper hand when it comes to strengthen their brand by inviting clients to a trip to the mill. People (especially paper nerds like us) are genuine interested in learning about the art of making paper. We are all aware of the different paper qualities, but after a mill visit we all can understand and be more aware and curious in the process of choosing a quality paper.
(Johan Wohlin, H&M Stockholm)

The mill visit was extremely valuable in many ways. To get a good understanding of how the paper is made makes you appreciate even more its quality. What I was the most impressed with was how considerate Arctic Paper is towards the environment. In such a competitive market, with so many materials available, it’s an aspect that makes a great difference. The human side of the mill, how much people who work there seem to care and be proud about what they do / produce is also invaluable. You can tell that there’s a lot of love put into this paper.
(Claire Huss, COS Stores, London)

Friday, 10 Oct, 2014