Munken Launches Art Workshop! A New, Comprehensive Guide to Uncoated

According to Arctic Paper, true print quality on uncoated paper is attained when the final print result satisfies all expectations. They believe that achieving this is a matter of communication. As part of the process, Arctic Paper is about to share its extensive knowledge of uncoated paper with the release of Art Workshop – The Munken Guide to Uncoated Paper.

Paper is an important carrier of information, so choosing the right paper is critical to the success of any printed project. The paper is a key part of the whole message, the design and the finished result.

The Guide is a ‘bible’ for choosing and printing on uncoated paper and is a real heavyweight with over 100 pages. Launched in July it will cover all the questions that could arise in the production process – questions that often need to be discussed in depth by the client and the printer. Considerations regarding the paper feel, the shade, the bulk and texture, all need to be carefully thought-out, along with technical considerations such as lifespan, image reproduction and environmental objectives. Making the right paper choices can make a difference to the effectiveness of the final printed work.

The Guide is divided into four sections dealing with paper, repro, printing and post-production and is a journey through all the phases in the printing process. 

Greater knowledge

"The Guide will deepen people's knowledge on how to handle uncoated paper to achieve the desired result. This covers everything from the most basic to the most advanced, and includes new and updated information. We know that it will be appreciated and used frequently for reference in discussions between printers and their clients," states Garry Colyer, Managing Director, Arctic Paper UK.

The Art Workshop – The Munken Guide to Uncoated Papers can also be ordered from the Munken Shop, 

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For all Commercial Print enquiries on Munken Design please contact the UK stockist - The Robert Horne Group - tel. 08457 443322. For all other enquiries please contact the UK sales office on 01883 331800. 

About Arctic Paper

Arctic Paper S.A. manufactures and markets very high quality graphic paper. The company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and is one of the leading European companies within its product range. Manufacturing is done in Sweden at the paper plants Arctic Paper Munkedal and Arctic Paper Grycksbo, in Poland at Arctic Paper Kostrzyn, and in Germany at Arctic Paper Mochenwangen and comprises over 825,000 tons of paper annually.

The product program consists of Amber, Arctic, G-Print, Munken, Pamo and L-Print. The products are primarily used for everything from design to book paper. Arctic Paper has 1,650 employees and has sales offices in 15 countries throughout Europe. 

Facts about the Munken Design Range

The Munken Design Range is available in six different variations, in three colours and with tw0 surfaces. Munken’s new raw paper surfaces have the best printability and colour reproduction imaginable and has more of paper feeling and bulk than any other design paper. It is available with FSCTM and PEFC certifications.

Munken Design range – two surfaces, three shades: 

· Products with a rough surface – Munken Polar Rough, Munken Lynx Rough and Munken Pure Rough - Bulk 1.4

· Products with a smooth surface – Munken Polar, Munken Lynx and Munken Pure - Bulk 1.13

· Shades – white, natural white and white creme.

Monday, 2 Jul, 2012