Munken Paper for Norman Foster 'Moving - Norman Foster on Art' exhibition in France

Thomas Manss & Company, based in London, has designed the book accompanying the exhibition 'Moving - Norman Foster on Art', curated by Norman Foster at the Carré d'Art - Musée d'Art Contemporain in Nîmes, France.

The book, printed on Arctic Paper’s Munken paper, offers readers an insight into Foster's curatorial approach juxtaposing works of art, historic and contemporary, drawing parallels with aviation and automotive developments as well as exploring the relationship between art and architecture. Foster's ideas and observations are discussed in an interview with the director of the Carré d'Art - Musée d'Art Contemporain, Jean-Marc Prévost, which provides the backbone of the book.

The publication is a close collaboration of publishers Ivorypress, paper manufacturer Arctic Paper, designers Thomas Manss & Company and Foster + Partners who, according to Foster "occupied one intellectual space whose shared endeavours finally fused into these pages."

Thomas Manss relishes the collaboration: "Rarely have I seen a publication taking shape through such an intense collaboration between author, publisher and designer. The book gets deep into the mind of one of the greatest living architects and an avid collector. It reveals connections between art, architecture and technology that surprise and delight in equal measure."

With its source book approach and a carefully orchestrated selection of materials, including Munken paper, and finishing techniques the book aspires to Manss' mantra "a book should be designed as an object so beautiful that you would never want to give it away."

The paper choice of Munken Polar Rough 150 gsm, manufactured by Arctic Paper, was critical to the success of the book.

Rob Slowe MD of Arctic Paper UK, stated, “The Munken range is one of the most significant and established papers available on the market today.  Munken is the ideal platform for all types of printed literature and the toothy, natural white surface of Munken Rough proved ideal for this unique book. Furthermore, Munken is both FSC and PEFC certified and produced without compromise to water usage helping to ensure that environmental objectives were met during the production of this book.”

The hard cover with its Winter & Company Metallium cloth, the silver and white foiling of the book's title all contribute to the books unique appeal.
Book specifications:
420 pp, 238 x 287 mm
Text pages - Munken Polar Rough 150 gsm

Printed by - Tf Artes Gráficas and is based in Madrid

Tuesday, 10 Sep, 2013