Munken Paper for Photographer Colin O’Brien’s Book ‘65’

‘65’  is the title of Colin O’Brien’s beautiful new book consisting of 65 images covering 65 years of photography of everyday street life in London.

Born in Clerkenwell in 1940, Colin took his first photograph at the age of eight and continued to take pictures of London as he grew up.  These images now remain as wonderfully preserved photographs of a city that has evolved so much over time.  Find out more about Colin and his photography at

The book has been printed on Munken Pure 400gsm for the cover, Munken Pure 90gsm for the introduction and index sections and Munken Lynx 150gsm for the image pages.

Designer of the book, Vincent Howcutt, from They That Do ( explains the rationale behind choosing Munken for the project: “Munken papers have been carefully selected for their imaging qualities and subtle off-whites to evoke a feeling of
nostalgia making them the perfect choice for this project”.

Printed and bound by Identity Print, ‘65’ is thread sewn and open bound allowing the full image to be viewed.

The book is currently stocked at Foyles, Claire de Rouen Books and Broadway bookshop.

Rob Slowe, Managing Director for Arctic Paper UK said “Munken is one of the most significant and established papers available on the market today.  Munken Pure and Lynx were the ideal papers for this exquisite book. Munken is the ideal platform for all types of printed literature and its smooth white surface proved ideal for this prestigious work. Furthermore, Munken is FSC certified and produced without compromise to water usage, thus helping to ensure that ATP’s environmental objectives were met during the production of this brochure.”

Thursday, 1 May, 2014