Munken Paper for Tim Hall’s Stunning New Book, Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds is a beautiful collection of alpine images by acclaimed landscape photographer Tim Hall documenting his journey into the mountains above the villages of Lech and Zürs in the Arlberg region of Austria.  Printed on Arctic Paper’s Munken Polar 170gsm, the book has been created and designed by London based design agency, Hyperkit and printed by Lecturis in The Netherlands.

The spectacular scenery in Above the Clouds will, Hall hopes, lead the viewer beyond the particular scene to a memory of their own: “I like the idea that in their more abstract nature my pictures might take you to a more spiritual place”.

Kate Sclater of Hyperkit explains the rationale behind choosing Munken Polar for the project: “When we first saw Tim's photographs we were drawn to the images where the clouds and land converge, creating a softness. We knew straight away that we wanted to print the work on an uncoated sheet which is not a typical paper choice for content that is photographic. We chose Munken Polar for two reasons. Firstly, we had worked with it in the past, and had also seen a few printed examples from Arctic paper of how photographic images reproduce on the sheet - we were confident in our collaboration with the printers Lecturis that we could achieve a good result. Secondly, we chose the paper as the tone of it is very natural, as is its touch, and we felt that it suited Tim's images and added a nice tactility for the reader.”

Tim Hall is a British fine art photographer specialising in travel and landscape imagery.  His drive to see the world through the lens of a camera is inspired by the romance of the ‘grand tours’ undertaken by 18th and 19th century travellers and more recently, National Geographic photographers.  His work is a lyrical response to the places he has visited and shows his deep interest in the urban and natural world as well as the people who inhabit them.

His work has been published in bestsellers such as Cambodia: A Portrait, Laos: A Portrait and Back to Mandalay, which has regularly appeared in international magazines and newspapers such as Time Magazine, The Telegraph, Condé Nast Traveler and National Geographic.  His successful solo shows have featured his landscape series ‘Coast’, ‘Storm’ and ‘Oasis’ as well as the two important photo series, ‘Pilgrimage’ and ‘Inside Out’ with their lyrical studies of Indian life.

Limited editions of all the images in the book are available through

Rob Slowe, Managing Director for Arctic Paper UK said “Munken is one of the most well established and recognised papers available on the market today. With its smooth uncoated white surface and strong environmental credentials, Munken Polar was the ideal platform for this exquisite book, complimenting the imagery and design beautifully.”

Friday, 3 Jan, 2014