Your brain is a sleeping giant

Munken Design Range explores psychology on paper

Great design is fueled by creativity. And ideas are in their simplest forms best expressed on paper. Swiss Psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach discovered the hidden capacity of the brain in the 1920s as he developed his famous inkblot test. A psychological deep dive and creative approach that have inspired Arctic Paper in their new pan-European campaign for Munken Design Range.

The Rorschach test is one of history’s most mythical and evaluated personality tests in which a person interprets a series of non-figurative, symmetrical inkblots, projecting her imagination and subconscious on the pattern.

Beyond the psychological content, the creative visual expression is equally fascinating. Therefore, the campaign is focused on creating a modern interpretation of the original enigmatic Rorschach inkblots, allowing the recipient to explore her paper personality.

Is your paper personality crystal clear? With inkblots printed on paper of various shades and surfaces, a toolbox has been developed that inspires the recipients to interpret the images while making the best paper choice for their design projects. Through the campaign call-out ”Is your paper personality crystal clear?” we want the recipient to consider how the choice of paper reflects who you are as a designer and how it impacts the creative expression.

The result is an integrated communications activity on print, in digital, mobile and social media. Including a DM-mailing in 18 languages, toolbox with paper samples and an online campaign site where people can place orders and watch a film about the creative process behind the Rorschach-inspired patterns. The recipient may also order a free printed artwork on the same theme to hang on the wall and enjoy at home.

"Munken Design Range offers a complete set of quality fine papers for expressing your creativity and design, says Martina Rosendahl, Marketing Communications Manager at Arctic Paper. Everything we do is about inspiring people to use fine paper in their communications. The intriguing story of Hermann Rorschach and the human brain, demonstrates this thinking in a compelling and unexpected way."

Friday, 17 Mar, 2017