Munken Kraft

Munken Kraft – Strong By Nature

Munken Kraft is a machine finished bleached kraft paper. The mixture of hardwood and softwood virgin fibre, provides Munken Kraft excellent runability and high strength. The sized surface enables outstanding printability and reduced dusting.

Munken Kraft K1 and M1 with high whiteness and Munken Kraft K2 and M2 with a natural white shade are ideal for shoppers, bags, pouches and various other wrapping and packing applications used by the food and non-food industry.

Munken Kraft K1 and K2 are available in the substance range 38 to 60 g/m² while Munken Kraft M1 and M2 are being produced in 70 to 150 gsm. All kraft qualities are available as FSC® or PEFC™ certified.