Arctic Paper S.A.

Supervisory Board

Arctic Paper’s supervisory board is composed of the
following persons:

Per Lundeen
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Per Lundeen, a Swedish citizen of Lund, has a Master of Science education in Chemical Engineering and Paper Technology from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Professional experience:
Mr. Lundeen has nearly 40 years of experience in Industrial Management positions from the Chemical, Paper and Paper Packaging Industry. For 20 years he has been working for A&R Packaging Group whereof 12 years as President and CEO. He has also been serving as President of ECMA, the European Carton Manufacturers branch Association.

Mr. Lundeen is already related to Arctic Paper Group since 2013, when he had been a Supervisory Board member of Rottneros AB. 

Since 2014 Mr. Lundeen holds the position of President and CEO of Rottneros AB until August 31, 2016. 

Mr Lundeen is a Supervisory Board member of the following industrial enterprises:  

- Fiskeby Board AB: Recycled Carton Board manufacturer
- Rottneros AB: Pulp Producer 
- Strand Packaging AB: Folding Carton manufacturer


Roger Mattsson
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board 

Mr. Roger Mattsson has been a member of the Supervisory Board of  Arctic Paper S.A. since 2014.

Mr. Roger Mattsson has a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics from School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg.

Professional experience:
Mr. Mattsson has wide experience from finance and controlling departments, he had worked as Group Controller (Toyota Material Handling and Rexam) and as Financial Manager (Lantmännen Doggy). He has also held the position of CFO at Talent Plastics Group. 
Mr. Mattsson has already been related to Arctic Paper Group - in 2007-2011, he had worked as Group Finance Controller Arctic Paper S.A.
Currently, Mr. Mattsson holds the position of Finance Director in Nemus Holding AB.


Thomas Onstad
Member of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Thomas Onstad has been a member of the Supervisory Board  OF Arctic Paper S.A. since 2008.

Mr. Thomas Onstad is a graduate of London School of Foreign Trade.


Mariusz Grendowicz
Member of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Mariusz Grendowicz has been a member of the Supervisory Board OF Arctic Paper S.A. since 2012.

Mr. Mariusz Grendowicz studied at the University of Gdańsk and graduated in banking studies in Great Britain, having received a diploma on International Banking in The Chartered Institute of Bankers in London. 

Professional experience:
In his abundant banking career Mariusz Grendowicz was the President of BRE Bank, and before that, as the Vice-President of BPH Bank, was responsible for corporate banking. He was also the President and Vice-President of ABN Amro, Vice-President of ING Bank in Hungary. He also directed the department of structured finance and capital markets in ING Bank in Warsaw. Mariusz Grendowicz also worked in London banks, among others, in Australia and New Zealand Banking Group as well as Citibank. At present Mariusz Grendowicz serves in the Supervisory Boards of Money Makers TFI, Aviva Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Ogólnych SA, Getin Noble Bank S.A., Private Equity Managers S.A, as well as of Globe Trade Centre SA.

According to the statement Mr Mariusz Grendowicz satisfies the independence criteria under Annex II to the Commission Recommendation of February 15th 2005 on the role of non-executive or supervisory directors of listed companies and on the committees of the (supervisory) board (2005/162/EC), as well as additional requirements stipulated in the document entitled “Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2016”, which forms an annex to WSE Supervisory Board Resolution No. 26/1413/2015 of October 13th 2015 concerning the approval of the “Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2016”.


Dorota Raben
Member of the Supervisory Board 

Ms. Dorota Raben studied at the University of Poznań, where she obtained a master's degree in chemistry. Ms. Raben is currently in the process of a PhD at the Warsaw School of Economics.In addition, Ms. Dorota Raben has obtained numerous certificates, inter alia, in the field of finance, business management, human resources, among others: Business Coach at Brian Tracy International, Traffic Manger I / II at the International Business School.

Professional experience:
In her abundant professional career, Ms. Dorota Raben held the positions of, among others, Key Account Manager at ATZMON (Israel), Director at Herlitz Sp. z o.o. In the years 1993 - 2001 she was the Director of the Raben Group, where she was responsible for comprehensive management and development of over 10 entities in the group that employed over 2,000 employees. 
From 2001 to 2004, Ms. Raben was employed as a Traffic & Operations Manager at the Royal Frans Maas Group, where she was responsible, among others, for the expansion and development of the logistics network. Then from 2004 to 2006 she was a Business Development Manager at Gefco Polska Sp. z o.o. From 2006 to 2010 she was the Global Transport Expertise Director at the FM Logistic Group.
From July 2013 to April 2016, Ms. Raben held the position of the President of the Board and CEO of Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A., the largest Polish seaport.

Currently Ms. Dorota Raben is an advisor to the Management Board in the following companies: Euro-net Sp. z o.o. (formerly RTV EURO AGD), Śnieżka S.A. and Trefl S.A. In addition, Ms. Raben conducts business advisory company - Dorota Raben Consulting.

According to the statement Ms. Raben meets the criteria of independence of members of the supervisory board within the meaning of Annex II to the Recommendation of the European Commission of February 15, 2005 on the role of non-executive directors or supervisory board members of listed companies and committees of the (supervisory) board. Rules II.Z.5. "Best Practices of Companies Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange 2016".