Allow ideas to grow with Arctic Volume Range!

Paper with volume and freedom of choice that makes the difference.

Shade, surface, and volume are vital cornerstones that make a difference for a designer who chooses paper from the Arctic Volume Range. Three shades and extensive selections of grammages give considerable freedom of choice. Arctic Volume adds qualities that enhance and highlight the message the printed matter are intended to mediate.

Fashion photographer Matthias Sparreskog was commissioned to set up a stylish photo shoot on the theme Create Volume, and his images now form the basis for the Arctic Volume autumn campaign. Hairstylist Dejan Cekanovic created hairstyles that fired the imagination whilst make-up artist Sofia Eriksen and stylist Christopher Insulander took care of the styling.
The result was a bold series of images with lots of volume – where the differences between Arctic Volume's three shades can easily be seen!

“Volume is a concept that can be difficult to portray. Therefore it is essential to combine the photographs with the right choice of paper. The high bulk and the unique surface characteristics of Arctic Volume, with its superior image reproduction, made the images come alive quite easily”, Matthias Sparreskog states, and continues: “With Arctic Volume, the colour and feeling in the images are reinforced when printed”.

Unique freedom of choice
“We often notice that fashion photographers in particular are drawn by the shades and the superb paper feeling offered by the Arctic Volume Range", says Martina Rosendahl, Market Communication Project Manager at Arctic Paper. “The freedom of choice makes the paper quite unique. The shades in the range offer a potential to experiment with contrast, colour temperature and tone until you achieve the exact feeling desired.”

Arctic Volume Range is of course environmentally adapted and available as FSC™- or PEFC-certified.

For further information, please contact:
Martina Rosendahl, Market Communication Project Manager, Arctic Paper, +46 (0)31-63 17 11.

Volume is a concept that is difficult to portray, but fashion photographer Mattias Sparreskog has succeeded with a combination of elegant photographic technique and printing on the right paper – Arctic Volume Range. 

The Arctic Volume range
The Arctic Volume range is a bulky, matt, fully coated paper available in three shades and in grammages from 90 g/m2 to 300 g/m2. The silky matt surface gives printed matter a natural paper feeland the print results and image reproduction are in a class of their own. Properties such as high bulk, opacity and stiffness make the paper ideal for high-quality four-colour books, advertising material, magazines, posters and other printed matter that require particular sensitivity.

Friday, 17 Aug, 2012