Amber Volume – a new uncoated house paper offering savings on distribution costs!

Recently a new uncoated house paper, Amber Volume, was released to the market. The new paper, Amber Volume, is unusually bulky, enabling customers to choose a lower grammage and save money on distribution and mailing, due to a reduced total weight.

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Amber Volume newspaper - cover of newspaper

Amber Volume is part of the Amber range, and with this paper it broadens the range with a bulky special version. Amber is known as the ideal uncoated house paper and most offset printers are already familiar with the excellent qualities of Amber Graphic and Amber Preprint. Now it is time to get acquainted with Amber Volume and learn what this new quality has to offer in terms of new, interesting application areas.

One major benefit with Amber Volume is the high bulk, 1.5, as well as high opacity and good stiffness. Because of this, Amber Volume allows you to choose a lower grammage, saving substantial money on the reduced total weight.


Low grammages – great result
With a high whiteness and opacity, Amber Volume serves as a great new addition to the Amber Range. It is available in grammages as low as 70, 80 and 90 g/m2 and can easily replace substantially heavier paper qualities with a great result.

Both printability and runnability for Amber Volume are excellent. Naturally, Amber Volume as well as the entire Amber Range, is available as both PEFC and FSCTM certified. It is especially suitable for products like Direct Marketing, schoolbooks, academic literature, pocket books, trade press, inserts, strip cartons and Mangas.

“We are very pleased to be able to launch this exciting new product on a broad basis, enabling our customers the high quality of Amber combined with cost saving opportunities”, says Martina Rosendahl, Market Communication Project Manager at Arctic Paper.

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Martina Rosendahl, Market Communication Project Manager, Arctic Paper telephone +46 31 63 17 11

Monday, 4 Feb, 2013