Arctic Paper Wins Silver at Swedish Design Awards

Together with the design agency Juno, Arctic Paper won silver at this year’s Swedish Design Awards. The ceremony was held at Rondo in Gothenburg on the 19th October where they received the second-place award in the Information-print category with the campaign The Design Collection – a sample collection for Design paper.

Arctic Paper was recognised for their creative design at this year’s gala of Swedish Design Award. The Design Collection spoke to both the jury and the people. Arctic Paper is both proud and happy about the significant award.

“It was fun to be awarded for this comprehensive project, with many parties involved on the way to the final product. Our target audience consists of many designers so their expectations of the product are high. This award is proof that we have managed to reach their high demands with creativity and quality”, says Martina Rosendahl, Marketing Communications Manager.

The Design Award is a competition for anyone working in creative fields, amongst other graphic design and layout design. The Design Collection was designed to give a genuine impression of the paper’s tactile features and how it can enhance the message in brand communication. 

“There were many interesting contributions from other well-known brands, so it was extra fun for us to take a place at the winner’s stand. We let the paper speak in all its simplicity, through both design and functionality”, says Martina Rosendahl. 

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Friday, 27 Oct, 2017