Arctic Paper announces a general price increase of 5-6% for uncoated and coated fine papers

During 2011 Arctic Paper has taken several measures to further reduce costs and increase efficiency. However, current manufacturing cost levels and cost increases for transportation and raw material make a paper price increase unavoidable.

Arctic Paper wishes to announce to its customers a price increase on all UWF and CWF paper grades, both in sheets and reels. The price increase will range from 5-6% and will differ from the current price levels per country and paper grade.

The price increase will be implemented for all markets and deliveries from 15 March 2012 will be affected.

The local sales teams of Arctic Paper will give customers further details and information.

Further information is available from:
Hans Karlander, Sales and Marketing Director, Arctic Paper S.A. +46 31 63 17 08

Thursday, 16 Feb, 2012