Arctic Paper signs agreement on sustainable energy supply in Munkedal

Arctic Paper has concluded a 15-year agreement with Adven AB on sustainable energy supply to the Group's paper mill in Munkedal. The agreement ensures lower, more stable and predictable energy costs and reduces CO2-emissions.

Adven AB will construct, own and operate a boiler plant with a capacity to deliver 30 MW. The plant is expected to be put into operation in two years.

”Energy prices are volatile and there is a significant political risk for the future. This agreement ensures Arctic Paper Munkedals long-term competitiveness through lower, more stable and predictable energy costs, it will also strongly reduce our environmental footprint”, says Michal Jarczyński, CEO of Arctic Paper S.A.

The new plant will mainly be operated on recycled wood and well-defined sorted and recycled materials. In combination with the previously announced investment in the expansion of hydropower in Munkedal, this means that Arctic Paper Munkedals can phase out the use of natural gas and externally sourced electricity. This will reduce the mill's carbon dioxide emissions by 60 per cent and has significant positive impact on the energy cost.

“Our investments in sustainable energy infrastructure generates value to our customers and to the society. We are very pleased that Arctic Paper selected us as their partner in Munkedal” says Ilkka Niiranen, CEO of Adven Sweden.


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Monday, 11 Mar, 2019