Jump on board! on a trip that will take you through the wonders of an extraordinary country, of characters to be discovered, of places to be admired. Photographs that talk, texts that tell you interesting tales. Real life stories, landscapes to be visited. An inedited document, which explores the details of a colorful culture, genuine encounters seen through the eyes of a person who, coming from far away, captures and distils with love. Add the champions of Caffè Italia and the life of an entire country. A travel diary, a guide for your next stop or your next story …
Johanna Ekmark, photographer, content maker, publisher
proudly printed on Munken Kristall by Arctic Paper

An unprecedented biannual publication, printed on the new uncoated fine paper Munken Kristall by Arctic Paper.
The high-white nuance of Munken Kristall turns the colors brilliant with an extraordinary chromatic result of the details and a unique tridimensional shape, thanks to the natural base on which images are printed, without the disturbing reflections of a coating.
The vivid colored tints existing in Nature, like the pistils or the petals of a flower against the intense green of the leaves, become absolutely genuine as much as perceived by the human eye in the reality.
Even the folds of the marble, carved into miraculously unique masterpieces, are faithfully reproduced, into the different fibers of a paper sheet. Also the transparency of a crystal sea bottom in the image of the splendid Southern Italian islands’ marine waters acquires a visual depth, whereas the fleshy pink of  human faces in the foreground underlines the skin’s imperfections with an impressive precision.
Photographs of wood objects, just like a simple chair or the logs of the essences from where it is extracted, or again metal components like a vintage bicycle’s chain, seem carved right into the weave of the paper which stands out their details.
Munken Kristall is part of a range of uncoated fine papers by Arctic Paper, together with Munken Pure of a delicate ivory shade, Munken Lynx of a natural white and Munken Polar of a crispy white.

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Friday, 17 Jun, 2016