Gold at the Swedish Design Award 2015

The Swedish Design Award (Svenska Designpriset)  is a competition open to anyone working in graphic design and communication. Arctic Paper participated in the competition together with our long-standing agency partner Grow, with the contribution “Paper is for real”, which happily won gold in the “Information – Print” category.

Paper is able to create strong experiences owing to its tactile properties, which is why we created a series of books focusing on human senses: taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. There is also a book about intuition, often referred to as the “sixth sense”.

All six books form a box set with the theme “Paper is for real”. And to prove the point, the books are filled with inspiring facts about our senses and feature creative printing techniques (embossing, varnishing, foiling, fragrance impregnation, etc.), which add even more dimensions to the experience.

The books take the reader on a journey that explores how our perception works and what triggers our senses – from onomatopoeic words, smelly blue cheese and hot chilli to Braille, love hormones, fluorescent paint, mirages and intuition. Knowledge and storytelling is gently interspersed with reflections and insights, packed into an inventive and thought-provoking design that enhances the reader’s experiences.

The books are printed on Munken Design Range – uncoated fine paper for anyone who wants to convey a genuine, natural impression with their printed material.

Wednesday, 21 Oct, 2015