Introducing Munken Kristall - A fourth, high white shade of the Munken Design Range

Arctic Paper Munkedals, located in Bohuslän, southwest Sweden, has a long and proud tradition of producing uncoated fine papers for a discerning audience of designers and communicators. This ambition is raised even further with the launch of Munken Kristall, a fourth high white shade of the Munken Design Range.

Munken Kristall addresses the trend towards an increased demand for fine paper that exhibits high whiteness and brightness – a combination that is already embraced by Munken Polar – and takes the whitening possibilities one step further. The process development has been underway since 2013 at the paper mill in Munkedal.
The ambition of creating Munken Kristall goes further than creating a whiter paper with a high CIE whiteness value. Finding the optimal balance of what customers perceive as a paper with a high, natural whiteness has been identified through a number of tests in the factory and surveys among designers in several countries. Compared with Munken Polar, with a whiteness of CIE 145, Munken Kristall has a whiteness of 155, which is not an extremely high level.

But to reach the most desirable level of high whiteness, a greater focus has been put on creating an optimally high brightness, according to the ISO standard, as well as an optimal white shade according to LAB. A well-balanced combination of these values creates a natural, warm look, with high whiteness that highlights its visual expression.

"Coming from a tradition of design and book papers, with Munken Kristall we have found the optimal high white shade in perfect harmony with the other family members: Munken Pure, Munken Lynx and Munken Polar," says Conny Olsson, Manager Technical Customer Service, who has worked at the mill for 19 years. "In my opinion, it complements the other shades and perfects the Munken Design Range."

A successful pre-launch has created great interest among wholesalers who will play a key role in the sales kick-off across Europe on March 1. This indicates that Munken Kristall also generates a higher interest for the entire range, and more applications; an opportunity Munken is ready to face with a broader assortment and through increased production.

"I am proud of how we have maintained a long-term, leading position developing  and producing a family of natural white uncoated fine papers,” says Göran Lindqvist, CEO of Arctic Paper Munkedals. "Now we are creating new opportunities for design and creative communication through the European launch of Munken Kristall.”

The Munken Design Range consists of high-quality, uncoated fine paper in four shades and eight design qualities: Munken Pure, Munken Pure Rough, Munken Lynx, Munken Lynx Rough, Munken Polar, Munken Polar Rough, Munken Kristall and Munken Kristall Rough. All papers are environmentally friendly and an ideal choice for companies wishing to convey a genuine natural impression through their printed materials. All Munken standard products are available as EU Ecolabel, FSCTM - the mark of responsible forestry. FSC-C022692 and PEFC certified.

Tuesday, 15 Mar, 2016