Munken launches Art Workshop!

New, comprehensive guide to uncoated paper for a better print result

According to Arctic Paper, true print quality on uncoated paper is attained when the final print result satisfies all the expectations that were defined when the paper was first chosen. Achieving this is a matter of communication. As part of the process, Arctic Paper is about to share its extensive knowledge of uncoated paper with the release of Art Workshop – The Munken Guide to Uncoated Paper.

In a printing context, what is quality? Who decides when ultimately it is a matter of taste?

According to Martin Folkelind, Marketing Manager at Arctic Paper, quality is when the result meets expectations. "It's a matter of facilitating communication between the various experts involved in production."

He continues: "To provide a common language that enables us to talk about quality, we have developed a 'bible' for printing on uncoated paper – Art Workshop, The Munken Guide to Uncoated Paper”.

Pedagogical sessions
The Guide, a real heavyweight with over 100 pages, will be published in June and will cover all the questions that could arise in the production process – questions that often need to be discussed in depth by the client and the printer.

"The Guide is divided into four pedagogical 'sessions' dealing with paper, repro, printing and post-production. It is a journey through all the phases in the printing process," states Martin Folkelind.

Greater knowledge
Paper is an excellent material. It is natural, renewable, recyclable and an unbeatable means of putting across creative ideas. Over the centuries, it has formed the basis for storytelling in many different and varying cultures. Stories that are passed on from one generation to the next.

"The Guide will deepen people's knowledge of how to handle uncoated paper optimally in order to achieve the desired result. This covers everything from the most basic to the most advanced, new and updated information. We hope that it will be appreciated and used frequently for reference in discussions between printers and clients," states Martin Folkelind.

Art Workshop – The Munken Guide to Uncoated Paper will be available for purchase from week 27 at

For further information, please contact:
Annika Andreasson, Market Communication Project Manager, Arctic Paper,
phone +46 (0)31-63 17 31

Munken and the Munken Design Range
"Teasing the senses – pleasing nature" is the motto for Munken's wide range of paper, all high quality, uncoated fine paper. Munken paper is environmentally adapted and ideal for companies that are seeking to make a genuine, natural impression through their printed products.

All Munken standard products have been certified according to FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, and PEFC, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

The Munken Design Range is made up of the paper grades Munken Polar Rough, Munken Polar, Munken Lynx Rough, Munken Lynx, Munken Pure Rough and Munken Pure. Each paper grade is available in three different shades and with a choice of two surfaces – a smooth version and a rough version. Unique to Munken's design paper is its high bulk. All grades are naturally available in a range of grammages.

The Munken range is also available as uncoated book paper in a further six unique grades.

Monday, 2 Jul, 2012