Paper Passion by Arctic Paper blog given a lift with new interface

The aim of the digital campaign Paper Passion by Arctic Paper is to highlight creatives around the world who work with paper in some way – to show the tremendous number of ways paper can be used. The blog is now being launched in a new interface as a step in Arctic Paper’s digital development. 

“We wanted to offer our followers a better user experience, while also highlighting all the creatives in a clearer, more modern way,” says Jasminka Haedde, Global Digital Project Manager at Arctic Paper.

Over the three years the campaign has been running, more than 60 creatives from various places around the world have been interviewed. The format of the previous site did not allow all the images to really come into their own, so this was an important consideration when building the new interface. The idea is that the new blog should be read as a magazine, so it has been designed in that kind of way. The magazine format is a good way to further reinforce the link to paper.

“Readers can now take a deep dive by browsing through all the material in a completely different way to before. They can now navigate between creatives, artistic methods and countries to find inspiration. Paper Passion by Arctic Paper has grown into something of a community, and we look forward to more people getting involved and discovering all the amazing properties of paper,” says Haedde. 

A modern, stylish interface
The new landing page will now engage visitors more immediately, convincing them to stay on the site longer and read more about the creatives. Users arrive directly in a creative world and can navigate deeper in a completely different way than they could previously. A project team from web agency Knowit has designed and developed the project in close collaboration with Arctic Paper. 

“We’ve been able to see the design and the requirements of the landing page far more clearly, by letting the project take the time it needed. We hope we have managed to successfully capture the user’s needs. The main and ultimate focus has been on the images, and the new interface has given the site a real lift,” says Emmy Andersson, Project Manager at Knowit.

Mynewsdesk Content is the agency behind the idea and execution of Paper Passion by Arctic Paper, which is a series of reports featuring portraits of people who work creatively with paper. Elin Eidewing, Project Manager for the campaign at Mynewsdesk Content, is very positive about the new landing page.

“We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. We’ve produced a huge amount of image material that simply never came into its full glory in the old interface. The blog now looks exciting and modern, and we believe it will appeal both to followers and to the creatives who are featured. We hope that it will bring in even more traffic to the campaign and convince users to stay for longer,” says Eidewing. 

Interview with Richard Gray from 2016 in the new design.

Podcast next
Over the three years the Paper Passion by Arctic Paper campaign has been running, everything from conventional text articles to filmed personal portraits have been produced. A podcast will be added this year for the first time. 

“A podcast provides even more scope to dig deeper into a subject and really get to know it. We hope to be able to provide our followers with interesting discussions about paper and the industry from different angles and perspectives,” Jasminka Haedde concludes. 

Visit the new site here:

PR package for download (zip file)

Wednesday, 8 May, 2019