Arctic Paper S.A., Q3 2020: Strong results under challenging market conditions

  • Q3 consolidated sales revenue was PLN 702.8mn (EUR1 153.5mn).
  • EBITDA for Q3 was PLN 86.4mn (EUR1 18.8mn).
  • EBIT for Q3 was PLN 59.1mn (EUR1 12.9mn) and net profit PLN 45.4mn (EUR1 9.9mn).
  • The Group has managed to keep sales prices and volumes of paper for the last three quarters at a stable level despite a challenging market.
  • The financial position remains stable with good liquidity, providing the opportunity to repay debt as the Group is currently renegotiating and rebalancing its debt structure.
  • The combination of pulp and paper continues to stabilize results as fluctuations offset each other.
  • Procedures maintained to minimize the impact of Covid-19 on continued production and sales.

“We have been able to further develop our business and remain financially stable during these uncertain market circumstances.” 
Michał Jarczyński, CEO (see letter from the CEO on page 2)

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Monday, 16 Nov, 2020