As a result of on-going restructuring review, Arctic Paper Group intends to alter the structure of its Scandinavian operation in sales and logistics.The preliminary studies demonstrate the potential of a substantial yearly cost saving – aside from the efficiency potential within the new set-up.

Being in a business that is exceedingly more demanding, not least on the Scandinavian market where the total graphical market has been rapidly decreasing for the last five years, Arctic Paper Group continuously works to improve the operations, specifically in the Scandinavian operations. Arctic Paper Group has found apparent cost and efficiency potential in a restructuring of the Scandinavian operations. Arctic Paper Group therefore have the intention to create a new set up for the Scandinavian sales organization and also to move a part of the logistics functions – a process that has been started.

The changes are a natural continuation of Arctic Paper Group’s long-term Scandinavian approach – to continue to serve the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian customers in the most efficient and a personal way. The measures built on the two strategic pillars – Stability and Mobility – according to the reconstruction plan that started last year. As stability indicates the intended actions in Scandinavia are focused on Stability, which means financial stability, cost and efficiency improvements in Arctic Paper Group’s operations.

The aim is to be a stable and reliable supplier also in the future and to be able to do this the Group has to adapt to the new and changing market conditions. One efficient Scandinavian sales organisation, with sales forces in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and extensive international cooperation in logistics will aid and serve the four paper-mills in the Group. The potential to increase service levels and efficiency will be hereby be enhanced.

As a result of the restructuring plan the intention is to create a new central unit in Poland for the logistics operations. Locally, warehouses and coordination will remain.

Further information for the media provided by:

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COO, Arctic Paper S.A.
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HR-manager, Arctic Paper S.A.
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Tuesday, 23 Sep, 2014