surface – highlighting the beauty of detail in photography.

Arctic Paper presents surface – a new print publication that features a curated selection of artwork from a renowned group of international photographers, printed on paper from the Arctic Volume Range.

The Arctic Volume Range is known for its exceptional print quality and distinctive feel – and the surface publication aims to show how the unique qualities of the paper can bring out the true expression and detail in photographs.

The surface portfolio showcases the work of well-esteemed photographers from around the globe, including prints by Magnum photographers Bruce Gilden and Christopher Anderson, award-winning photography legend Sebastião Salgado, and upcoming artists like Weronika Gęsicka, Fleur van Dodewaard, and Olya Oleinic, who were recognised for their talent by Foam Fotografiemuseum. In addition, bold young photographers like Keyezua from Angola and Lakin Ogunbanwo from Nigeria bring new perspectives to the photography arena.

surface displays a wide and fascinating range of international contemporary photography, thanks to varying artistic styles and technical approaches that span from analogue to high-end digital applications. However, one thing connects all the art in this edition of surface: every photograph, no matter how unique and standalone, highlights and celebrates the world in all its detailed beauty. 

“This incredible portfolio of various perspectives, landscapes and textures is an homage to precision, alongside the singularly natural and characteristic feel of Arctic Volume paper”, says Global Marketing Communications Manager Martina Rosendahl.

List of photographers: Christopher Anderson, Canada / Robin Butter, The Netherlands / Maryanne Casasanta, Canada / Fleur van Dodewaard, The Netherland / eye of science, Germany / Weronika Gęsicka, Poland / Bruce Gilden, USA / Laurent Gudin, France / Oliver Heißner, Germany / Peter Kaaden, Germany / Keyezua, Angola / Diana Markosian, Russia / NASA, USA / Lakin Ogunbanwo, Nigeria / Olya Oleinic, Republic of Moldova / Logo Oluwamuyiwa Adeyemi, Nigeria / Sebastião Salgado, Brasil / Tekla Evelina Severin, Sweden / Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt, Denmark / Anna Tärnhuvud, Sweden / Michael Wolf, Germany

Arctic Volume Range comprises the following shades:

  • Arctic Volume Highwhite: a true high white shade for high contrast and colour brilliance.
  • Arctic Volume White: a natural white shade and a wide range of grammages, perfect for a broadspectrum of applications.
  • Arctic Volume Ivory: a natural ivory shade that makes for the best possible readability, lendingimages a warmer tone and a natural and genuine feel.

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Martina Rosendahl, Global Marketing Communications Manager
+46 10 451 7007

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Friday, 14 Sep, 2018