Colour Management

Colour management have been handled by very skilled pre press personal and printer during many centuries.
What we today define as colour management is quite new and is more spread between users in a production flow and even between different organisations. Then general knowledge and understanding about colour management is more important. In below web pages we therefore gathered general basic information. It should be seen as a starting point for further knowledge and communication, so read through below information but we also recommend further studies.

In 2008 colour management celebrated 15 years of using ICC profiles. In 1993, the ICC (International Color Consortium) brought together a handful of companies with a view to simplifying the exchange of colour data in the graphics chain.
This means that ICC the knowledge and use of ICC profiles is well matured and even paper makers are well avare about its importance to enhance the quality of end product on paper.

Desktop publishing was rapidly becoming established thanks to more powerful office computers. It became possible to display and process colour images. The control of the process was transferred from the specialists to the users.

The ICC currently has almost 80 members. Other organisations have been set up to study, inform on and standardise the procedures for processing digital images from the moment they are taken until they are finally printed.

The ECI (European Color Initiative), the German FOGRA and the Swiss UGRA have contributed to ensuring that these rules of good practice become standards and become established.

The requirements of the various operators in the graphics chain have increased. From the scan or digital camera to the screen; from the screen to the proof ; then from the proof to the offset press, the colours must be respected and managed correctly.

The aim of Colour Management using the ICC profiles is to ensure colour coherence throughout the graphics chain. Today all the standards relating to our work are based on this ICC colour management.