Light is a guide through time

Illuminate your 2018 with the Munken Agenda

An Agenda, it is a tool to structure your time. Time symbolizes the change in weather, the colors on the trees and the light of the sky. The concept was inspired by seasonal change in the Nordic Region. 

The cherished Munken Agenda is an eye-catching way of keeping track of your time.The agenda’s history goes back over a decade in time. Arctic Paper has together with a variety of European designers and design schools brought unique and inspirational editions to the market year after year, and thus kept the Munken Agenda a living legend.

Description of the Munken Agenda’s technicalities

The Journey of Illuminate

What is time? Time is color and light.

This year’s concept Illuminate is developed from the seasons that one can find in the Nordic Region. To combine the feelings and moods one experiences in the different months, from January through December. Illuminate comes with the inspiration of how light can guide one through time. Let the gradients of light that is changing over the year help you navigate through 2018. 

The designers behind Illuminate

Get your copy now!

Arctic Paper is printing 17 000 copies of the Munken Agenda 2018. The clientele is a selected group. However, a limited edition of agendas will be available for the public to purchase at The Munken Shop.

If you want to know more, contact your local sales office.

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