The bittersweet feeling you get when you grow up and you realize you're not who you were anymore. The sweetness of all the possibilities that lie ahead and the bitterness of the awareness that at the same time you can never go back.

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To all the strong women in my family: To my great grandma, who not only was a woman in another century, but was the youngest of four sisters.


To my grandma, who lived in Rome during the war, who grew up during the bombing, who tasted white bread for the first time when she was 12 years old.


To my mum, who is the smartest in all her family, even though my grandpa never wanted to admit that. To me, that I am even smarter.

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It takes days for a banana to reach the right degree of ripeness.


I hate bananas when they are green, as hard as a rock and difficult to bite into.


They leave that bitter aftertaste in your mouth and you can't go to the toilet properly for days. When they start getting yellow it's slightly better, but still not great.


When they get spotty, that's when we are talking. They release all the fiber and leave you feeling satisfied with your healthy snack.


But sometimes you cross the line, and forget a banana lying around. It gets overly soft and starts smelling rotten. It lies there, all abandoned on one side of the table.


And you wonder… am I gonna age like that too?

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Mmmm yummy, juicy,
thick, saucy spaghetti,
get in me.

There is no other pasta shape I like more than spaghetti. They give so much satisfaction.

They soak up all the tomato purée and slowly make their way in your mouth, on your clothes, on your face.

They are a wild spirit, they can't be ruled. Just like me.

The Concept

This year, the Munken Agenda has been designed by five graphic design students from NABA (Nuova Accademia Belle Arti) in Milan, Italy.

The concept is inspired by the designers roots, their up-bringing and  the feeling of looking back. The feeling we can all relate to, moments in which we feel both sad and happy at the same time. That bittersweet feeling...


Agenda 2019

Bittersweet is longing, it's the arousing pleasure tinged with sadness or pain. The designers has focused on the feeling of looking back and they wanted to create a concept built on the bittersweet melancholy of growing up. The five designers has created an agenda that will take the reader through a visual journey set in Italy, but that also represents that bittersweet feeling that we can all relate to. 

The Munken Agenda 2019

While going through the days of 2019 with this agenda, you'll be transported to the earlier Italian days. Every Sunday you'll read a small story from one of the designers childhoods.

The cherished Munken Agenda is an eye-catching way of keeping track of your time.The agenda’s history goes way back, over a decade in time. Arctic Paper has together with a variety of European designers and design schools brought unique and inspirational editions to the market year after year, and thus kept the Munken Agenda a living legend.

Munken Agenda Technicalities

How it is made

Extraordinary printing demands extraordinary design paper. The Munken Agenda is printed on four different paper shades from the Munken Design Range. One of many qualities of the agenda is the unique thread sewed open binding technique, which allows the agenda to stay flat when opened.

4 colour
Ink: Toyo Ink, Flash Dry

Printing Press
Komori Lithrone S40P Hybrid Print Technology

Cover: Matt laminated and debossed logo on back cover.
Binding: Open spine, sewn with coloured threads.

Screen: FM 20μ

Munken Pure 400 g/m2

Munken Kristall 100 g/m2
Munken Polar 100 g/m2
Munken Lynx 100 g/m2
Munken Pure 100 g/m2

Order your Munken Agenda now!

The agenda is printed in a limited amount of copies. Most of these copies will be distributed to a selected group of our clients. However, there's a limited edition that will be available for purchase at the Munken Shop. So hurry up and get your agenda, before it's to late!

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The Designers

Giuditta Zorzi

In 2014 Giuditta graduated in Visual Communication at Monza’s Art Institute. Between 2014 and 2016 she worked as a graphic designer in the Studio Esseblu. She specializes in Graphic Design and Art Direction in NABA. Today she’s a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for web agencies, small industries and fashion brands.

Isabella Petricca

Majoring in Graphic Design & Art Direction at NABA Milano, with a 6 years experience as a self-taught photographer, Isabella Petricca is currently working in the film & advertising field as an art director, production assistant and video editor at K 48 Production & C 41 Studio in Milan.

Marinela Lleshi

After graduating high school in the artistic department in Aosta, Marinela moved to Milan to study Graphic Design and Art Direction, obtaining a BA with honors. She is currently a graphic designer and is moving to London in the near future.

Simone Citron

Simone is majoring in graphic design and art direction in NABA, he is a motion designer and aspiring video maker. He has won prices for some of his projects, such as the Porsche Panamera Design Contest. He was a finalist in a film festival in the fake movie trailer category, and produced an official music video for “Cumbia Triste”.

Sara Cillerai

After she graduated classical high school, Sara then moved to Paris to study art. After her Foundation year at Paris College of Art, she studied Graphic Design and Art Direction. She graduated with a BA with honors. She is enrolled in UAL for a Masters program in Screenwriting.

The Bittersweet Anecdotes

A special bond

He can be tall, or short, thin or fat... It doesn't matter.
There's still that special bond between a child and their father.

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A special bond

The anecdote is told by Sara Cillerai

A forehead-bun

The kids in italy all had the same hairstyle in in the 90s',
and a weird, practical hairstyle - it's not for everyone.

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A forehead-bun

The anecdote is told by Marinela Lleshi

We make music

Playing music on the beach or in the park during the summer, that's what the young people did  in the 70's in Italy, back when everybody played guitar.

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We make music

The anecdote is told by Marinela Lleshi

A pic-nic and a nap

A pic-nic in the warm summer sun, eating too much and drinking fizzy drinks.
Just close your eyes for a second and let your eye-lids rest.

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A pic-nic and a nap

The anecdote is told by Sara Cillerai

An homage to pasta

The wild spirit of spaghetti, they can't be ruled.
There's no other pasta like spaghetti.

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An homage to pasta

The anecdote is told by Marinela Lleshi