Arctic Volume Ice – A new white

Arctic Paper introduces Arctic Volume Ice – adding a fourth clear white shade to the distinctive Arctic Volume Range

Arctic Volume Ice delivers all the unique traits that the Arctic Volume Range is known for, with outstanding print quality and distinctive feel, a natural matt surface, high bulk and a premium coated finish – and now boasting a clear and bright 145 CIE whiteness.

Arctic Volume Ice
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Let the work shine
Arctic Volume Ice has been developed for designers, publishers and companies who want their graphic prints to appear exactly as envisioned. Every design pops right off the paper – with deep tones, crisp colours and perfect clarity – for superb image reproduction and exclusive print results of unmatchable character. This clear white paper of exceptional quality is ideal for showing off work to its maximum potential.

A great first impression
A new piece by 3D artist/illustrator, Marie Dommenget, printed on Arctic Volume Ice, will be used to introduce the new paper. Dommenget uses the paper to bring out the intricate beauty and skill of her artwork. Indeed, the outstanding print quality and distinctive feel of Arctic Volume Ice will delight designers who admire this kind of attention to detail and precision.

Arctic Volume Ice is made in Sweden. The production process of Arctic Volume Ice is carbon neutral. Arctic Paper is committed to the preservation of nature and the environment.

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Adding a new grade to the Arctic Volume Range: Arctic Volume Ice

Arctic Volume Ice visual

Arctic Volume Range, Swatchbooks

Arctic Volume Paper

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Adding dimension to the Arctic Volume Range

Arctic Volume Ice: the brightest clear white shade that displays colour and contrast to perfection, bringing every designer’s vision to life.

Arctic Volume Highwhite: a true high white shade for high contrast and colour brilliance, ideal for exclusive print results.

Arctic Volume White: a natural white shade and a wide range of grammages, perfect for a broad spectrum of applications.

Arctic Volume Ivory: a natural ivory shade that makes for the best possible readability, lending images a warmer tone and a natural and genuine feel.

lördag, 18 jan, 2020