In order to sharpen the focus on both of the perspectives Stability and Mobility strategy, the CEO Wolfgang Lübbert has left the position as CEO. The Supervisory Board of Arctic Paper has appointed Per Skoglund as acting CEO. A focal point for Per Skoglund is the Stability part, not least the fulfilment of the Profit Improvement Program 2015/16.

Wolfgang Lübbert will continue as a member of the Management Board and will concentrate all efforts on the Mobility perspective. Among these is the task of exploring and potentially developing the possibilities outside of Arctic Papers core business. Roger Mattson, acting Chairman of the Supervisory Board comments: “On the behalf of the entire company I want to express deep thanks to Wolfgang Lübbert for his engagement as CEO of Arctic Paper S.A. During the last and difficult years his leadership has successfully taken the company to its current position of strength.”

Further information for the media provided by:
- Per Skoglund,
  Acting CEO Arctic Paper S.A.

  Tel +46 31 63 1703

- Wolfgang Lübbert,
  Member of Management Board, Arctic Paper S.A.

  Tel +49 40 51 48 5310

- Roger Mattson,
  Acting Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
  Arctic Paper S.A.

  Tel +46 31 63 1714

Donnerstag, 28 Apr, 2016