Arctic Volume for New Magazine Modern Design Review

Modern Design Review is a new design magazine.  In a world where much content has moved online, the love for a well-crafted paper magazine becomes even more important.  With original content, its own typeface, layout and paper choice, this publication almost has the feel of a book and is a piece of design in itself. You could say that it is a celebration of two disciplines – contemporary design and paper magazines. 

Published twice a year and distributed internationally, Modern Design Review covers the best of the product, people and theory at the effervescent tip of the contemporary design world. The publication offers a considered and curated insight into modern design: original and creative storytelling, plus plenty of contributions from talented photographers, writers and designers.  It focuses on ideas and themes that are of interest, whether they are central or peripheral, and there is commitment to exploring modern design with the creativity and curiosity that the discipline deserves. Ultimately Modern Design Review is a beautifully designed object in its own right.

Printed on Arctic Volume White 115gsm, 130gsm and 200gsm – the tactile feel, whiteness and high bulk were all characteristics required to perfectly illustrate the beautiful creative photography featured within this publication.

Art direction and design of Modern Design Review was by Graphic Thought Facility, a London based design consultancy.  Printing by Pureprint.

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Wednesday, 2 Jul, 2014