New Munken Design and Arctic Volume collections from Arctic Paper

The two new collections of high-quality design papers from Arctic Paper make it easier for modern creatives to find the perfect paper for both artistic and customer-driven communication. The collections come in a designed set developed in collaboration between Arctic Paper, JUNO, Zeitguised and Göteborgstryckeriet.

The new Munken Design and Arctic Volume collections from Arctic Paper allow designers to cater for nearly all corporate and design projects in an excellent, efficient way – whilst providing inspiration at the same time.

The new collections contain four shades and two surfaces of the uncoated Munken Design range and three shades of the coated Arctic Volume range. The Hamburg-based design agency Juno aimed to create objects of design which serve as the answer to the question of our modern times: "What happens at the interface between our old tactile world and the new digital world?”. 

The topic is illustrated as stages of the metamorphosis from natural to virtual nature images. 
For the visualisation, both as film clips and print, the Berlin-based design studio Zeitguised joined the team. The printer Göteborgstryckeriet, from Gothenburg, converted the collections into stunning haptic masterpieces.

Apart from being a rare experience for all the senses, the new design paper collections deliver for the first time a complete overview of all Munken Design and Arctic Volume shades and surfaces in swatch books. Additional minimalistic sample books with invisible bindings demonstrate what it feels like to work with the paper.

 Arctic Paper is again showing why the Munken Design range and the Arctic Volume range are so highly valued by designers worldwide. Arctic Paper’s brands are synonymous with quality and environmentally friendly production processes, continually rediscovering the topics of paper, nature, communication and design in a very bold way.

 About the Munken Design Range

The Munken Design range consists of eight premium uncoated fine papers, including the new High White design paper Munken Kristall. Munken Kristall was launched this summer. All Munken Design grades have a special character thanks to their unique tactile and natural, authentic appeal, making them a perfect choice for all sorts of design projects and corporate identity applications. The range consists of four different shades, from cream to the new high white, and each in two different surfaces. To choose Munken is to know what matters in graphic design, as the Munken Design range delivers 100% design on 100% natural paper.

 About the Arctic Volume Range

The Arctic Volume range features a series of coated design papers characterised by high bulk and a natural feel. Arctic Volume is available in three shades – ivory, white and high white. The range is ideal for high-quality four colour applications such as product brochures, annual reports and books. Arctic Volume is also the perfect solution for corporate identity material such as business cards, product information and stationery.

Wednesday, 4 Jan, 2017