Arctic Paper S.A., Q2/H1 2019: Greater flexibility in production opens for new business

Q2 consolidated sales revenue was PLN 762.5m (EUR1 177.6m).
• EBITDA in Q2 was PLN 90.5m (EUR1 21.1m).
• EBIT in Q2 was PLN 69.9m (EUR1 16.3m) and net profit PLN 47.7m (EUR1 11.1m).
• The Arctic Paper Kostrzyn investment in increased capacity and greater flexibility for PM1 is
finalized and fully operational, opening for a wider range of graphic and kraft paper products.
• The paper profit improvement program is running as planned, and the shared services centre opened in Kostrzyn during the summer.
• Sale of the Mochenwangen mill land resulted in one-off revenue of PLN 18m.
• Rottneros AB reached record-high pulp production with 9 percent net profit growth.

“On the consolidated level, the result continues to be strong. The combination of pulp and paper stabilizes our results, as fluctuations in the two segments offset each other.”
Michal Jarczyński, CEO (see letter from the CEO on page 2)

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Tuesday, 3 Sep, 2019