Arctic Paper takes next steps towards more efficient energy solutions

Arctic Paper Munkedals AB have today acquired 50 % of Kalltorp Kraft HB. Kalltorp Kraft HB is a water energy company running two water power stations in western Sweden with a total annual output of 5 – 5,5 GWh/year. At the same time Arctic Paper Munkedals is projecting an increase of the output at the current hydro power plant located close to the mill.

- The acquisition of Kalltorp and expansion of the hydro power station at the mill in Munkedal - is in line with the earlier communicated strategy of Arctic Paper SA – to increase the independence of purchased energy by increasing the internal production, says Michal Jarczyński, CEO of Arctic Paper SA, and continues:

- Arctic Paper has a strong focus on modern and environmental-friendly energy generation. Already today Arctic Paper Grycksbo runs a biofuel power plant, Arctic Paper Kostrzyn runs a cogeneration gas-fired power station with efficiency over 93%.

Arctic Paper Munkedals is since many years running their own hydro electric power station close to the mill with an annual capacity of 11 – 12 GWh. The company is now projecting an increase of the output of the existing water fall with a new power station with new turbines and generators. The aim is to increase the annual output with 10 GWh/year to a total output of approximately 22 GWh/year. The cost of the project is estimated to 70 MSEK. Permissions from Swedish environmental authorities is expected to be in place during November and the project is expected to be finished a year after permission is given.

-Both these actions makes us less dependent on fossil fuels and gives us better control of our energy supply, ends Michal Jarczyński.

Arctic Paper
Arctic Paper S.A. produces and markets high-quality graphic fine paper. The company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe within its product range. Production takes place in Sweden at the Arctic Paper Munkedals and Arctic Paper Grycksbo mills, in Poland at Arctic Paper Kostrzyn and in Germany at Arctic Paper Mochenwangen. Annual production is in excess of 815,000 tonnes.

The product portfolio comprises Amber, Arctic, G-Print, Munken, Pamo and L-Print. The products are used mainly as design and book paper. Arctic Paper has 1,650 employees and sales offices in 15 countries throughout Europe.

Tuesday, 2 Oct, 2012