Improved Munken Design Range:

Better formation and additional end use for the Munken Design Range

Achieving the best possible printing result requires the best possible paper. This fact is always at the core of Arctic Paper’s development of popular paper qualities within the Munken Design Range.

In the constant pursuit of the perfect Munken quality, a new wire shaker unit was installed during the winter at Arctic Paper Munkedals. This investment has made it possible to produce paper with an improved formation which in turn provides even better end-results when printing. 

‘Formation’ is the term used by paper manufacturers to describe how the paper appears when looking at it through light source. The more uniform the distribution of fibres, the better the paper. In order to achieve this, Arctic Paper Munkedals has supplemented the machinery with a ‘wire shake unit’, a new component of the paper machinery which moves the pulp in all directions while forming it into a sheet of paper. Conventional paper machinery has only uni-directional movement, while a wire shake unit shakes the pulp sideways as well; in roughly the same way as traditional handmade sheets are made.

This extra movement creates a paper sheet which is more homogenous as the fibres are distributed evenly. The end result is paper which has a higher visual printing opacity, the surface of the paper is more even with an overall general improvement on printability.

The new wire shaker improves all six qualities in the Munken Design Range, but the most improvement can be seen in the higher grammages. It is primarily in higher grammges where it is difficult to obtain even formation using traditional methods. For printers, the most noticeable advantage is that it is easier to print large full tone areas with an even result. Also, as fewer dots are missed, images appear cleaner and the paper generally has a higher printing opacity.

Improved pre-printing quality
On 1 May, we also launched another small change to three paper qualities within the Munken Design Range. These are Munken Polar, Munken Lynx, and Munken Pure in the 80 and 90 g/m2 which now have a slightly higher bulk and a slightly lower moisture content which makes the paper better suited for pre-printing and laser printing.

The reason behind the change is that these grammages have become increasingly popular for digital printing and pre-printing applications. For this reason, Arctic Paper has developed them further with these purposes in mind. This change also means that the paper is even better suited to the use of a combination of different printing techniques, such as combinations of offset printing, laser printing, pre-printing, and digital printing.

“This represents two further steps in our efforts to optimise the Munken Design Range”, explains Martin Folkelind, Marketing Manager of Arctic Paper. “Arctic Paper Munkedals’ new wire shake unit improves quality throughout the entire Munken range, while pre-printing customers will see that their needs are being met even better than before. We are confident that our customers will appreciate this difference and use Munken in even more areas.”

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Tuesday, 14 May, 2013