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Paper with volume and freedom of choice makes a difference

Space, atmosphere and a dramatic appearance – three essential elements when architectural photographer Åke E:son Lindman was asked by Arctic Paper to select images that capture the volume of a number of famous and fascinating buildings. Enhanced by paper from the Arctic Volume range, his images lay the foundation for an intriguing spring campaign that explores the concept of volume in architecture.

Åke E:son Lindman is one of Sweden's most celebrated architectural photographers. His buArctic Volume Brochure and Folder cover imagerning passion for the space and spatiality that a building depicts is evident in every image he presents. His cutting-edge services are frequently used by the most renowned Nordic and international architectural journals, as well as high-end interior design magazines, advertising agencies and art galleries.

The assignment for Arctic Paper resulted in a bold series of images, with subjects ranging from the ancient Jordanian city of Petra to a Lapp cot-style church in Kiruna in the northernmost part of Sweden. Each image makes its own statement and the entire series represents an odyssey of space and volume. 

Paper choice enhances the message

In addition to this form of advanced imagery, the Arctic Volume Range brings qualities that enhance and highlight the message. Shade, surface and volume are vital cornerstones for any photographer or designer who chooses paper from the Arctic Volume Range. With three shades and an extensive selection of grammages, the range presents considerable freedom of choice and which can highlight exactly the right properties of the object portrayed.

"Many photographers and art designers are attracted by the enormous potential of the Arctic Volume Range," says Martina Rosendahl, Market Communication Project Manager at Arctic Paper. "The shades, the superb paper feeling and the many choices that are available make the paper unique. With Arctic Volume, there is great opportunity to experiment with contrast, colour temperature and tone until you achieve the desired feeling exactly."

The standard products in the Arctic Volume Range are available as FSCTM certified, and Arctic Volume White standard products are also available as PEFC certified. The Volume campaign will commence at the end of March.

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Tuesday, 9 Apr, 2013