Premium paper products and services

At Arctic Paper, we offer premium paper & packaging products and services built on inventiveness, reliable quality and sustainability.

To us, there is no such thing as a simple piece of paper. We know that perfection is no coincidence and take pride in the fine craft of papermaking. Because we know that whether you are a designer, an author, a brand owner, a publisher or a printer, you want quality to reflect your work. High quality graphical paper that pleases the eye, challenges your creative mind and meets the high demands from the most advanced printing technologies.


Paper for your various needs

At Arctic Paper we deliver over 600,000 tonnes of premium quality graphic and packaging products each year. Paper that is intended for first-class printing, reading and branding purposes and used in books, magazines, stationary, marketing and packaging material. Our product brands are the internationally renowned design brands Munken and Arctic Volume as well as the graphic fine papers from G and Amber.  These well-known paper brands are all, despite their different personalities, synonymous with quality and sustainable production processes.

Knowledge passed from one generation to the next

A legacy of paper expertise
The passion for producing fine paper originates from centuries of experience and expertise. Arctic Paper Grycksbo was established in 1740, and in 1871, the mill in Munkedal was inaugurated by the riverbed of Örekilsälven. Knowledge has been passed from one generation to the next, and you will find many dedicated employees whose parents and grandparents before them were working at the mill. Today, Arctic Paper has crossed the boundaries of Sweden and is present all over Europe.


More than paper

At our premises in Munkedal and Grycksbo in Sweden and Kostrzyn in Poland, Arctic Paper welcomes visitors from all over the world. Most of them want to know more about our high quality products and our environmentally friendly processes. We strive to provide these visitors not only with information, but also with creative insights. In a rapidly changing world, it is our mission to provide our customers with new ideas and interesting solutions that will help them stay ahead of the competition.

A strategy that keeps us one step ahead of international environmental requirements

Paper with a small footprint

We believe in sustainable development and eco-friendly paper manufacturing. We are anxious to preserve our planet and leave the smallest possible footprint in nature. Therefore, ever since the 1960s, our focus has been on environmental issues. This has made us a forerunner in the industry, with most of our paper grades already FSC certified. We strive to use sustainable manufacturing processes by following a strategy that always keeps us one step ahead of international environmental standards and requirements.

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With a history of craftsmanship, the production in the three paper mills – as well as the pulp mill – is characterized by industrial efficiency, combined with the flexibility required by a niche producer focused on customer needs.

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