A Group built to last

Our history goes over 280 years back. That is many years of experience.

One of the mills in the Arctic Paper Group dates back from the 1740s. Then and now, the key to success has been tightly linked to its extensive knowledge of pulp and paper. With a history of craftsmanship, the production in the three paper mills – as well as the pulp mill – is characterized by industrial efficiency, combined with the flexibility required by a niche producer focused on customer needs.

To us, our long-term perspective is key

The Arctic Paper Group has a major owner whose commitment goes back 65 years in time. When the Trebruk AB Group was restructured 20 years ago into Arctic Paper, there was already an understanding of the risks of unintegrated paper mills in a volatile market. This led to the long-term investment in the Swedish pulp producer Rottneros, a subsidiary since 2013. Both companies focus on high quality specialty products and niche markets. Being less dependent on the capricious price for pulp benefits the company and improves the Group‘s stability throughout the business cycle.

Arctic Paper’s current brand portfolio and innovative product development provide a solid base and ensure that the company is ready to meet future challenges in the markets.

Historical flashback

Grycksbo AB mill was founded


Munkedals AB mill was founded


Ship owner Haakon Onstad became head of Munkedals and shaped the present structure: A group of companies with Munkedals as the parent


Initiatives to protect nature and create a healthier environment at the mills by, among other things discarding old paper machines in Munkedal


The manufacturing of sulphite pulp ceased in Munkedal


The Group changed its name to Trebruk AB


Sales offices opened all over Europe, production was streamlined and focused on graphical paper


Trebruk acquired Kostrzyn mill from the Polish state


Trebruk changed its name to Arctic Paper AB


New Energy Plant in Kostrzyn based on local natural gas from local resources


Arctic Paper Mochenwangen GmbH was acquired


The Arctic Paper Håfreström mill was closed down


IPO on the Warsaw stock exchange GPW under the name Arctic Paper S.A.


Opening of bio-fuel plant based on wood pellets in Grycksbo


Acquisition of the Swedish mill Arctic Paper Grycksbo, with fossil free production


Second listing on the Stockholm stock exchange NASDAQ


Investment in Swedish pulp manufacturer Rottneros


Major investment in water treatment plant at Grycksbo


Closing down of Arctic Paper Mochenwangen


Introduction of the new strategy 2022


Decision to invest in new hydropower plant in Arctic Paper Munkedals



Decision to invest in new waste/bio energy plant for Arctic Paper Munkedals in 2022

Investment in a Solar-panel test facility (PV) in Arctic Paper Kostrzyn


Start of new Hydropower plant in Arctic Paper Munkedals



Start of new flexible multifuel boiler plant at Munkedal in cooperation with Adven

Our Paper mills

Arctic Paper consists of three Paper mills, two in Sweden and one in Poland.