Arctic Paper ICC web service

Arctic Paper ICC web service contains ICC profiles which are available via download for sheet fed offset. Our bespoke profiles will handle the paper parameters for each quality of paper stated below

Communication is 90 % of a good result. The best equipment and the highest competency will not be used in the best way, if communication is incorrect between different parts of the process. From a paper perspective, it is important to understand the differences in various paper qualities, paper grades and manage this in the best way possible.

In the past, Arctic Paper has promoted the use of ICC profiles,  contributing to the knowledge in this area via information on our web site. Today the knowledge and competence is high and widespread,  with many sources for good information and knowledge.

Therefore the best way Arctic Paper can contribute to high quality print, is to offer a set of paper specific paper ICC Profile´s with additional direct paper knowledge to help through the whole process. 

The Arctic Paper ICC webb service is free of charge, and includes downloadable ICC Profiles and basic prepress and print information per grade. This service is there to help support companies that are using grades supplied by Arctic Paper or its distributors.


The New Arctic Paper ICC Profiles characteristics

  • Downloadable ICC profiles, for sheet offset with conventional screen and conventional inks.
  • Based on Fogra39 and Fogra47, by using the Fogra39 and Fogra47 “Characterization Data” but by adjusting the colour values by adding each of our paper grades specific paper shade in CIELAB colour coordinates.
  • The amended Characterization Data is created and the white point in the print will correspond to the correct paper shade and the colours will be based upon this.
  • Optimised to work in an ISO12647-2:2004 calibrated prepress and print environment.
  • The actual ICC profiles have been created by adding the GCR, TAC and specific profiles settings that we know will work well on the Arctic Paper grades.
  • The target of the setting in these ICC profiles is to achieve a quick start to reach the correct colours and to achieve a stable print production.

Arctic Paper cannot take any responsibility for printing result when using the ICC profiles we can never know how they been altered after down load or due to the different conditions at printers. So it’s important that you test and confirm the profiles before use in a real production.

Download Arctic Paper ICC Profiles


Available for download

  • ICC profile for each quality
  • Characterization Data in a txt file
  • Prepress details and basic profile settings


Download instructions

  1. Click the link in the list below and down load the required profile.
  2. Open the zip file to get the actual ICC profile and save it on your computer.
  3. Add the ICC profiles to your working station system as a “target profile” in the way your system requires, for example in Colour sync.
  4. Alternatively, download the ICC profiles to your prepress system in the way your system requires, so the ICC Profile will be available as a “target profile”.
  5. Secure so that your normal prepress setting will be applied also on the new profile.
  6. Test and verify the ICC profiles by a soft proof on your screen or your digital proofing system.
  7. Test and verify the ICC profiles on the current sheet feed offset press, before a production print.

ICC Profile, version 5

ICC Profile, version 4