Arctic Paper Munkedals

Environmental Policy

Arctic Paper Munkedals AB’s business concept is to produce and market uncoated graphic paper of the very highest quality. At the same time we must be known for undertaking serious environmental work, and being able to offer our customers environmentally adapted products.

By means of continuous improvements to our operations, we shall minimise and prevent negative environmental impact from the products and services that we buy, manufacture and sell. We shall satisfy and preferably surpass prevailing environmental legislation and other environmental demands made on us.

This means that we must:

  • Make environmental work an integrated part of the company’s long-term strategy by drawing up rules and regulations at group management level defining how environmental work is organised and implemented.
  • Consult with, inform, educate and engage our employees in environmental issues.

  • Produce, market and sell products with the least possible environmental impact.
  • Make demands of and prioritise suppliers and contractors who promote raw materials, products, transport activities and services being manufactured and delivered in an environment-friendly way.
  • Consider the environmental impact of new investments, new building or renovation, and other changes in the business.
  • Openly communicate our environmental work and our environmental impact to the public, customers, suppliers, authorities and other interested parties.

Arctic Paper Munkedals AB, 26 th of September 2006

Göran Lindqvist Managing Director