Supporting other projects

Our commitment to the environment is not limited to the concrete measures we undertake within our manufacturing companies; we also want to influence opinion in the outside world. As part of our long-term environment plan we safeguard the development of these issues both in Sweden and Poland as well as internationally and often participate in research projects. At present we engage in the following environment-related external projects:

Sven Lovén centrum för marina vetenskaper (The Sven Lovén centre for marine sciences) is committed to independent research into salt water. This includes a research station situated in the beautiful Gullmarn fjord, the nature reserve into which the cleaned process water from our mill in Munkedal is discharged. Our involvement began as sponsorship in 1996 and remains strong. Research at the station remains totally independent.

Nordens Ark. This animal sanctuary on the West Coast of Sweden specialises in the preservation of endangered species. Situated not far from Munkedal we are sponsors of the Nordens Ark project. As a symbol of our contribution we have been appointed “godfathers of the Lynx”.

The Warta Mouth National Park. The river Warta, in the immediate vicinity of the river Odra, is the beautiful location of our mill in Kostrzyn. Upstream from the mill there is a national park with unique flocks of birds. Through a sponsorship agreement, Arctic Paper Kostrzyn actively participates in preserving the habitats of birds on the verge of extinction.