Arctic Paper

ICC Webb Service

Communication is 90 % of a good result. The best equipment and the highest competence will not be used in the best way, if communications is not working or is wrong between parts in the process. From a paper perspective the most important is to understand the differences in different paper types, paper grades and managed this in the best way.

Arctic Paper ICC webb service is therefore a free of charge service to support companies that are using grades that are supplied by Arctic Paper or its distributors.

The service is divided in two parts, Information and ICC profiles to download.

• Arctic Paper ICC information is to give general information and understandings about ICC profiles and how to use them best from a paper perspective.

• ICC profiles for downloading. These ICC profiles are created as paper specific profiles.

Colour management by ISO or ICC
Most common today is to use ISO 12647 or use special made ICC profiles, in some cases separately but often also in combination.

• ISO 12647 will define the main part of the colour management flow but will limit the adjustment to paper to five defined paper grades.

• ICC profiles don’t define the working process but will define how colours are visualised and presented in different media and also give possibility to adjust colour for each media for display. It means then that it will be a very good tool to adjust images for each paper type and grade.

Main ideas of Arctic Paper ICC Profiles
From a paper point of view the best are to have understandings about both ISO and ICC and to use the best from each.

• Arctic Paper ICC profiles are created in an ISO calibrated production flow and press but are adapted to each Arctic paper grades.
• The strategy is to lower the TIC value and instead increase density in press.
• The result is profiles which are optimized for printability and print quality from a paper grade perspective.