A colourful release - Munken Agenda 2021

Every year, Arctic Paper collaborates with a different creative institution to create The Munken Agenda – a design project providing a year’s worth of inspiration while highlighting the supreme paper quality of the Munken Design Range. By inviting students to design the agenda, we learn from each other and exchange knowledge and perspectives. This year’s edition of the agenda was created by graphic design students from UAL Chelsea College of Arts in London. With the agenda the students want to make self-care and mental health a priority with the theme “The Power of Colour”.


The last 4 years Arctic Paper has brought in design students from universities in Europe to create the annual edition of the Munken Agenda. Arctic Paper aims to support students by giving them an opportunity to work on longer creative projects, as they learn about paper and how it benefits as a tool for communication. While Arctic Paper brings extensive knowledge of paper to the table, the students provide new perspectives and inspiration.“In this digital world we value the opportunity to show young people the excellent properties of paper and how to work with it in a creative way,” says Martina Rosendahl, Global Marketing Communications Manager, Arctic Paper.

Inspired by colours and their influence Colour has the power to improve our moods and help us cope with the stresses of daily life. Born from the idea that everyone should inject more colour into their life, and the importance of prioritising one’s mental health, students Georgie Wade, Daisy Peters and Georgie Sullivan focused on how colour can influence our mood. The agenda is full of colour and includes an introduction to colour breathing – a theory many psychologists use as a form of complementary therapy. “The agenda is so much more than a diary to help you with planning. It also gives you the tools to track and improve your mood – something extra important in these times,” says Georgie Wade, one of the Graphic Design Communication students from UAL Chelsea College of Arts.


A theme connected to the times, Martina Rosendahl reflects on how the concept suits the present:“In times like these, you want to go back into yourself and unwind. It matches the tone set by the pandemic. The agenda comes at a time where people need to reflect and also find pieces of joy which is proven can be experienced through bringing in more colours to one’s life. We appreciate the way young minds every year brings our uncoated papers from the Munken Design Range to life in new ways, and I think this appeals to many people. The range of papers offer many opportunities to the creative mind and enhance the notion of quality and produce very attractive results.”


To find out more about the Munken Agenda 2021-project, please visit the campaign site https://www.arcticpaper.com/munken-agenda-2021


We’re looking forward to a vibrant year enjoying the Power of Colour but are already looking ahead to the future. Planning for the next edition is already starting and we are looking forward to inviting a new team to develop the Munken Agenda 2022.


Details on the Munken Agenda 2021 - The Power of Colour
• 17,000 copies will be released, and some copies are available as a limited edition at the Munken Shop as from end November 2020
.• Cover: Munken Kristall 400 g/m²
• Content: Munken Kristall, Munken Kristall Rough, Munken Polar, Munken Polar Rough, Munken Lynx, Munken Lynx Rough, Munken Pure, all in 120 g/m2.
• Print: Komori, Lithrone S40P Hybride Print Technology. 4-colour CMYK.
• Ink: Toyo Ink, Flash Dry.
• Printer: Göteborgstryckeriet, Gothenburg, Sweden
• Bookbinder: Förlagshuset Nordens Grafiska, Malmö, Sweden

More information please contact:
Martina Rosendahl
Marketing Communications Manager +46 733 217017


More details can also be found at www.arcticpaper.com &
UAL Chelsea College of Arts



FRIDAY, 27 NOV, 2020