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Collaboration, diversity and unique experiences form the roots of creativity. Today, we combine these elements to kick off our new Munken CoLab initiative, which is done together with the Swiss Type Foundry, Lineto. Inherent to collaboration is the idea of sharing, a concept that is essential to our cultural identity and progress.

The new Munken brand appearance is based on the existing visionary, nature loving and Swedish personality of Munken as well as new font Munken Sans – designed in the spirit of collaboration with Laurenz Brunner, Jonas Williamsson and Cornel Windlin from the Swiss type foundry, Lineto. The elegant and modern sans serif typeface took inspiration from the Swedish traffic font, Tratex.

"I’ve had a fascination with road signage for as long as I can remember. The former Swiss traffic type by the “Schweizerische Normen-Vereinigung“, was an early inspiration as a student learning to draw fonts. I remain intrigued by these characters in their ability to balance raw formal details from the mechanics of their creation, while needing to be legible at high speeds.

Britain’s “Transport” by Margaret Calvert, Poland's “Drogowskaz” by Marek Sigmund, and Sweden's “Tratex by Kåge Gustafson are personal favourites of the genre. Conceptualizing and creating a contemporary version of “Tratex" has been an exciting challenge to both honour the original and update it for use both on and off the road."

Laurenz Brunner (Source Type / Lineto)


Tratex was created by Swedish designer, Kåge Gustafson, in the 1960s, to be used as a national traffic font. The Swiss typographers from Lineto have further developed its timelessly beautiful and characteristic design for Munken Sans. Unlike Tratex, which consists of only one weight, Munken Sans is available in three weights: regular, medium and bold.

Munken Handbook
In a 448-page handbook, concepted and designed by the design agency JUNO and printed on paper from the Munken Design Range, Munken Sans is displayed for the first time in a varied and playful way. Based on the themes of nature, paper and signposts, the font is shown off in several different applications. The Munken Handbook is an homage to paper as an object in book form.

Visit colab.munken.com to find out more about the Munken CoLab, Munken Handbook and Munken Sans.

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FRIDAY, 2 OCT, 2020