The artist who is inspired by different subcultures

United States 22 Sep, 2018. Photos by Jacob Biba.

Felix Semper is the self-taught artist whose soul is reflected in his impressive sculptures and paintings. His art often receives strong reactions from the mixed audience who passed his astonishing statues on the street. Thousands of stacked papers are transformed into a timeless portrait of significant creators in history.

Video on YouTube: youtu.bemvbcIOIMkBk

Ollie has also developed a unique technology that he thinks will raise the bar for paper art. He has made figurines out of polymer clay, which he uses to make silicon molds. Then he presses Japanese washi paper into the silicon mold and applies his homemade glue onto it. When the glue hardens you can take out super-thin and delicate paper figurines.

– It took me quite sometime to develop this technique, but now I’m doing a series of figures which I hope to exhibit. I’m very proud of what I’ve created, it’s amazing, says Ollie.






Name: Oliver ”Ollanski” Bieräugel
Title: Paper engineer
Web: ollanski.com