Smart Textiles

Smart Textiles will change the core of the textile industry

Sweden 29 Dec, 2017. Photos by Daniel Ekbladh.


Smart Textiles strives to develop fabrics that will have a positive effect on the environment and create opportunities for a sustainable textile industry. The initiative is based in Borås, in a west coast city in Sweden known for its textile history. Today’s success story comes from the University of Borås. Lena-Marie Jensen is part of a revolutionary project and tells that they are trying to find more sustainable solutions for future textile production. One of their innovations is textile made of paper.

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– Paper is a good option due to the fact that it’s based on the Swedish forestry. The project investigates if it’s possible to recycle the paper fabric like we are recycling regular paper, says Lena-Marie Jensen, Coordinator Business Innovation, at Smart Textiles.

As the population of the world increases every year, as does the need for textile. To prevent environmental consequences because of the growing need, it requires a sustainable fabric cycle. Fabric made of paper is one step in the right direction. Lena-Marie says that she believes paper fabric will be an option on the market in about three years.





Name: Lena-Marie Jensen
Title: Designer