Monica Langwe

Monica Langwe consults the art of book binding in the Vatican

Sweden 23 Mar, 2018. Photos by Daniel Ekbladh.

Since childhood, Monica Langwe has been interested in different kinds of handiworks. She used to knit, crochet and embroider with her mother and grandmother which later on helped her become both dexterous and develop an interest for handcraft. She wanted to pursue a creative path and decided to study art. Later she discovered her true calling, book binding. Her interest took her all the way to the Vatican and she became one of few people to have access to consult old book binding methods in the print cabinet.

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– I began consulting in the Vatican library in 2006. Today I focus on different album techniques that mainly preserve pictures or print. They have so many different books in the Vatican from ancient times, so there is a lot of material left to consult, says Monica.


Monica has chosen to see book binding as an art form that is always developing. She wants to find new structures and techniques of binding books. Therefore, she chooses to study the classical binding techniques, as well as developing new innovative solutions.




Name: Monica Langwe
Title: Book binder