nuuna by brandbook

Germany 05 July, 2024. Photos by nuuna


Meet Sabine Kochendörfer, one of the
founders of Nuuna. Nuuna produces
and binds unique notebooks to high
standards exclusively in Germany.
They have expertise and a passion for
creativity and design. All Nuuna notebooks come with 120g Munken paper, uncoated paper that works perfectly for a wide range of pens, ensuring a beautifully smooth writing experience.


What do you like most about
your products?
The way they put a smile on people’s
faces and fill them with joy. Each Nuuna notebook is a work of art in itself, a perfect combination of design, materials, and production.





What does paper mean to you?
Paper, in all its facets, has always fascinated me. Working with paper has been part
of my professional life for over 30 years. I am particularly passionate about bringing
people closer to the positive aspects of handwriting and the use of notebooks in an
ever-evolving digital world, with paper being an indispensable medium.

How do you create your concepts for your notebooks?
We take a very free approach to the design of our notebooks and have no set rules.
We visit trade shows and exhibitions looking for unusual new materials for our covers.
Together with our Creative Director, Julie Cordier, we come up with new contemporary
messages for our covers. Julie creates mood boards for our graphic design team, who
then work on the designs themselves. We also regularly collaborate with artists and
designers such as Stefan Sagmeister, Kristina Supernova, and MUT Design Studios.





What inspires you??
We draw inspiration from fashion, art, architecture, design, and literature when creating
our Nuuna notebooks. These elements shape our work and give each notebook its own unique touch




Name: Sabine Kochendörfer
Title: Owner and CEO brandbook & nuuna