Environmental goals

The absolute goal of our environmental work is that our industrial processes should have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Our strategy is to stay one step ahead of official requirements by implementing an active environmental management system and to continuously improve our environmental standard.

To achieve this we undertake a number of specific actions, e.g. in the following areas:

Energy saving. We are continuously analysing ways to reduce the energy we use in our processes. Today our average usage in all mills is within or below the levels prescribed by the EU standard, BAT (Best Available Technique).

Re-using water. We are minimising our water consumption by recycling large quantities of water. Our current water consumption throughout the Group is, on average, less than 10 litres per 1 kg of paper, while the mill at Munkedal uses 3-4 litres, the lowest consumption in the entire industry.

Discharge into water. Protecting life in the Örekil River and Gullmarn fjord is a matter of course here at Arctic Paper Munkedals. Our discharge into water is now among the very lowest in the industry. At Arctic Paper Kostrzyn we also have systems for effective purification of our process water.

Certified pulp. Our mills are FSC® and PEFC™ certified and all standard products in the Amber, Arctic, G and Munken ranges are available as FSC and PEFC certified. We use pulp from certified forests (e.g. FSC and PEFC) and controlled woods to produce our products. Our mills are continuously working to establish increased deliveries of FSC and PEFC pulp, but availability is limited.

Waste products. In our processes at Arctic Paper Munkedals we separate biosediment that fulfils the criteria for use within agriculture, thereby creating a natural eco-cycle.

Recycling. We endeavour to be as economic as possible with materials and energy. For any waste that is created at our paper mills, we have developed systems for sorting and recycling materials and energy recovery.

You can read about current environmental objectives and action plans in our latest EMAS environmental reports.