The Power of Colour


Colour has the power to improve our moods and help us cope with the stresses of daily life. We think that everyone should inject more colour into their life, either by surrounding yourself with colour, wearing colour or even just thinking about colour. The Munken Agenda of 2021 introduces you to the practice of colour breathing, a simple stress reducing activity in which you visulise a colour base on how you're feeling.

The agenda is so much more than a diary to help you with planning. It also gives you the tools to track and improve your mood – something extra important in these times. Each page also gives lots of white space and room for reflection which also highlight the qualities of the different paper grades in the Munken Design Range.


The Concept

At Arctic Paper, we learn from students and students learn from working with us. The Munken Agenda is an annual unique design project, sponsored by Arctic Paper, which focuses on providing a year’s worth of daily inspiration, while highlighting the supreme quality of the Munken Design Papers. 

Meet the designers behind The Power of Colour

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The agenda is printed in a limited amount of copies. Most of these copies will be distributed to a selected group of our clients. However, there's a limited edition that will be available for purchase at the Munken Shop. So hurry up and get your agenda, before it's to late!

If you want more information, please contact your local sales office.

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